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By Ashley Dickey • President-Alabama Court Reporters Association

DSC 0227 1aTo all our readers, I hope this edition finds you all well. In my house, we have been working to settle in to ourback-to-school routines of getting up and out the door early, completing homework, and attending extra curricular activities every afternoon. While I miss the long, lazy days of summer, I must confess I was ready to see routine return to our household.

It is not yet fall but I am alreadys eeing Halloween decorations displayed in stores. It has made me realize yet again how fast we move through the seasons and occasions in our lives. I feel like I blink and miss so much. No wonder I feel this way when stores are pushing us to rush time ahead from one event to the next. Do you take time to slow down and savor your life? Are you present in the moment you’re living in or are you rushing through it to get to the next thing?I think it’s natural for us to feel rushed to complete tasks without feeling anything as we do it. If you were fortunate enough to takev acation, did you unplug from devices and truly see your surroundings? I’d like to challenge all of us to resist the urge to rush “until life’s no fun” as the song goes. I am guilty of doing things by rote and realizinglater that I never took the time to enjoy the season I wasin.

Speaking of things rushing by, NCRA’s annual convention  in  New Orleans   was  last week. I was very pleased to hear that Alabama’s attendance was high. President-Elect Cindy Greene and Treasurer Cyndi Tumlin served as ACRA’s delegates at the National Committee of State Associations. As you read through the newsletter, you will be able to enjoy articles that give you their perspectives on NCRA’s convention. Debbie Isbell and Sabrina Lewis from our board also attended this year. You have an awe-inspiring board. I can tell you how busy they are and yet they still make time to get out and set a great example of being involved in our profession on the state and national levels.They expend countless hours of their personal time volunteering any way they can to further court reporting. I am so proud to be able to serve along side these fabulous individuals.

Thank you for everything you do!


President-Elect Cindy Greene is busy planning our 2019 annual conference. We plan to be at the Lodge at Gulf State Park next January.  It  is a brand-new facility! I can’t wait to tour the groundsformyself.Iencourageyoutogoahead and make plans to attend ACRA’s conference. You will get CEUs and I can promise Cindy has some excellent sessions in store forus.

Hopefully you have already renewed your ACRA membership and are now focused on renewing your ABCR license. Don’t forget that these are two separate  fees. Your ACRA membership  is voluntary. It allows us to mentor students, plan conferences so you can obtain CEUs in a cost-effective and efficient manner,participate

Slow Down and Savor Life continues on page 6.


Ethics First

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