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A message from our ACRA President

Karen 2 Try

Moving Mountains

Have you ever really seen a mountain move? Yeah, me neither, but that is what your ACRA board is doing.

1. Achieve spectacular and apparently impossible results.
2. Make every possible effort.

We are all continuing to move mountains for you. We have met with AOC on several occasions and attended the recent ABCR board meeting – building bridges, making friends. Meetings with AOC were centered around updating the old court reporter’s manual to be more in line with current regulations and guidelines, among other important concerns of our members.
Your association is the backbone of our statewide movement. But believe me, YOU are a big part of this accomplishment. Supporting your association and sharing in all the good being done is what we need from you. As our membership drive approaches, we need help in growing our membership. As I stated at the January conference, Alabama is in the top percentile for the ratio of licensed reporters to membership in our state association. Alabama court reporters rock! Please consider what you can do to help make that percentage bigger. Let’s put Alabama on the map with NCRA. Wouldn’t it be great to have 100% participation?

“It’s about creating strength in numbers, finding common ground and supporting each other.”
Your district directors are continuing to reach out to court reporters in their districts. They want to hear from you. We all want to hear from you. Express your feelings, plus or minus, with the directors and they will share your feelings with the full board. In that way, we work together to move those mountains.
The newly elected board had its first board meeting April 22, 2017, as we were all springing forward in our real lives, getting used to the time change and happy about more daylight in the evenings. This time of year always seems to lend more energy to your soul. Give us feedback before the next board meeting. We’re moving mountains inch by inch.

Take advantage of new beginnings. Perhaps you already have. Maybe you cleaned out the garage, cleaned out a closet or two, gave away clothes you haven’t worn in years to those in need (kudos!), or maybe you just decided to take some much-needed rest and relaxation. That’s a great plan, too. I personally did a little of all the above.

We all pretty much have the same goals – to be stronger, better, wiser. I have always been that reporter that worked all the time, not worrying about gaining another certification because back in the day, before this ever-evolving-technology world, it didn’t matter, had no impact as far as how much money you would make. Whoa ... was I wrong. If I could turn back time! It makes a world of difference now.

Personally, I am going to move that particular mountain for myself. I encourage any of you that have not obtained your RPR to go for it. NCRA has made testing for these exams so much easier – that ever-evolving technology at its best -- by being able to take these tests in your own environment, the luxury of your own home. If you’ve received your RPR (Registered Professional Reporter), go for the next certification – RMR (Registered Merit Reporter) – keep going -- RDR (Registered Diplomate Reporter), CRC (Certified Realtime Captioner).

Move your own mountain in whatever you do - remembering always, positivity is key!!
Karen Strickland Planz


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Ethics First

ACRA is proud to be an affiliated state association with NCRA and supports Ethics First.



Interested in joining a Committee, please contact us.
We need you.



ACRA continues to help fight ER in our state. Please consider supporting the fight for our future.


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ACRA makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all material published on this site. If any discrepancy arises between any document published here and the official version of that document, the official version shall govern.