1. Contestant must be a member in good standing of ACRA or NCRA.
    2. The contest will consist of two (2) five-minute dictations, a Literary component at 200 wpm and a 2-Voice component at 225. It is the custom that Lit may be produced in all-caps, but the Q&A must be mixed case (with proper use of capitalization).
    3. At the end of the dictation, each contestant will produce an ASCII file on a USB drive provided by the contestant. The jump drive must be marked for identification with the candidate’s NCRA number or ABCR license number on it to protect the confidential grading process and will be collected. ASCII files that cannot be printed will result in disqualification of the candidate. Final files for grading are required to be formatted as follows: a. submit each file as an RTF b. there should be no line numbers in the file c. there should be no footers in the file d. there should be no headers in the file e. there should be no page numbers
    4. The percentage of accuracy to qualify is 95%. No contestant will be rated that has more than 5% of errors. Grading will be done in accordance with NCRA’s What is an Error? guidelines for the CRR test. All contestants who submit one or more qualifying tests will receive .25 PDC.
    5. Each component shall be graded separately, with the three highest scores receiving award recognition. There shall be an averaging of both contests to award the overall winner, with appropriate award recognition to the three highest averages.
    6. Charge for participating in the realtime competition is $50, plus at least a one-day conference registration.
    7. All decisions of the Contest Committee made under these rules, or such supplementary rules as may be found necessary at the time of the Contest, shall be final.
    8. In addition to a USB jump drive marked with the contestant’s NCRA number or ABCR license number on it, each contestant will need a set of earphones/earplugs

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