Alabama Court Reporters Association’s Virtual Conference Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Alabama Court Reporters Association’s Virtual Conference, “The Compleat Court Reporter,” consists of five seminars designed to enhance your professional development in the areas of

  • finances
  • self-advocacy
  • technology
  • productivity
  • health
  • understanding your responsibilities as a licensed court reporter


Ana Fatima Costa


Ana utilizes the skills and expertise gained through her cumulative 41+year legal career, writing, and coaching experience to provide personal, professional, and business consulting services to court reporters, students, other legal professionals, and court reporting firms.

Since 2004, she has presented workshops and webinars to law firms; law, paralegal, and court reporting schools; legal associations; and highschools to educate and advocate for the court reporting profession and support those she serves.

Ana established her unique, bold program, Mock Woman Apprenticeships, in 2008. She trains court reporting students and new and returningreporters in the art and science of capturing and protecting the record by stating Reporters’ Admonitions, speaking up for the record, and their needs.


SPEAK UP FOR THE RECORD AND YOUR WELL-BEING                                          .10 CEUs

Learning how and when to speak up is a challenge for most of us. Take it up a few notches when it’s your job to capture a verbatim record.

Learning how and when to speak up on the job or in life requires self-awareness; the ability to connect with what you feel and need in the moment while maintaining acute focus on listening and capturing the record; keeping track of exhibits; and myriad other tasks.

Like mastering steno, learning how and when to speak up is both an art and science, a skill that can be mastered. The same is true formastering our thoughts and emotions. Mastering a new skill requires repetition and practice, just like every other skill.  In this workshop, participants will explore:

  • Using your breath to quiet your negative self-talk and connect with your body
  • Understanding how feelings, needs, expectations, and assumptions drive your behavior
  • How to own your story, sovereignty, and your voice in service of the record and your needs

Jessie Waack Gorry


Jessie has extensive experience serving on the board of various court reporters associations. She spent four years on the board of the Wisconsin Court Reporters Association (WCRA), two years on the board of the Californian Deposition Reporters Association (DRA) and continues to work with the New York State Court Reporters Association (NYCSRA). Her accomplishments include organizing several conventions across multiple states, implementing a pro bono program in Wisconsin, helping get funding for court reporting schools as well as presenting several webinars on various topics.



Today’s world is ever changing, and we need to be able to adjust with it. It is scary navigating the world of microphones, sound cards and everything in between. Join us to gain an understanding of how to troubleshoot your equipment and set up in any situation so you never have to turn down work again! I will show you setups for hybrid depositions, socially distanced in-person and tweaks tomake Zepos a dream!

Allison (Allie) M. Hall, RDR, CRR, CSR


Allison is a court reporter of 20 years and currently works as a freelance reporter.

Allison also teaches eager court reporting students at Oklahoma State University Oklahoma City, Tulsa Community College, and the College of Court Reporting.

Allison enjoys public speaking and has taught seminars on shortening writing styles, efficiency, the future of court reporting,how to be an effective mentor, focused practice, and legal education seminars to both judges and attorneys.

Allison earned her first medal in NCRA’s National Speed Contest in 2021.

Allison is the recipient of the 2022 Steno in the City Philanthropist Award in recognition of passion, commitment, and unstoppable initiative.

Allison is a Certified Shorthand Reporter in Oklahoma, a Registered Professional Reporter, a Certified Realtime Reporter, aRegistered Merit Reporter, and a Registered Diplomate Reporter. She holds an associate in Applied Science Degree inCourt Reporting from Central Penn College in Summerdale, Pennsylvania.


EFFICIENCY: GETTING SH*T DONE                                                                                      .10 CEU

Are you stressed out? Working evenings and weekends on transcripts? Take your evenings and weekends back! Learn how to run your schedule so it doesn’t run you. Time to up your efficiency, increase your productivity, and reduce your anxiety in this high-stress, high-demand field.

Carrie Sheffield, MBA, CPA


Carrie Sheffield is an entrepreneur and CEO of Total Financial Firm, a full- service accounting firm servicing small businesses. Carrie’s careerjourney started when she took her first accounting course in high school. She later earned a Bachelor’s in Accounting and an MBA with Specialization in Accounting which led to her 13-year corporate career and the founding of her accounting firm.

Over the years, Carrie has become well-known for her ability to explain the tax game in layman’s terms and help business owners squeak out every penny of deductions to keep their money away from Uncle Sam. She has also used her analytical skills to help businesses increase profitability to ensure financial success. In her free time, she enjoys cultivating partnerships with like-minded people and traveling the world to learn other cultures.



In this seminar, participants will get to know Total Financial Firm, LLC. Carrie will summarize three steps in the pathway to financial success. She will also show you how to understand and project your income and how to understand your monetary obligations including taxes and personal budgeting. Carrie will discuss investing, saving for retirement, and tax planning strategies.

Kimberly Xavier, TX-CSR, RDR, CRC, CRR, CMRS, CRI


Kimberly Xavier has been a court reporter for 28 years and is a Texas Certified Shorthand Reporter, licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas. She holds multiple certifications in Texas as well as almost all certifications

offered by the National Court Reporters Association, including the most prestigious of all certifications, the Registered Diplomate Reporter.

Although she came to the reporting profession knowing nothing about it as she separated from the United States Air Force, she has fully embraced the steno life and all of its benefits over the span of her career as a freelance reporter, a freelance firm owner, and an official court reporter; and she intends to explore the avenues of CART and Captioning when she retires from her full-time officialship.

Even though she was a busy wife and mother while also working full time, about 10 years into her career, she began taking steps to actively motivate and inspire student reporters and brand-new reporters by creating and offering structured training courses and events for that segment ofthe court reporting community that was being underserved at that time. She has continued to educate the court reporting community through presentations, seminars, and training sessions developed for every reporter from new professional to seasoned veteran.

For many years, most of Kim’s free time was cheerfully given as a committee volunteer and through serving in leadership positions on boards forher local and state associations.

However, her most recent project, creating The Stenovator community has taken her into another exciting phase of her life. She recently founded anonprofit organization, Stenovator Pathway Solutions, Inc., where she is anticipating she and her esteemed board of directors will be challenged to use all of their professional knowledge, leadership experience, and passion for the industry to provide financial assistance and business training to new reporters as well as stellar educational events to connect steno to the general public.

Her favorite quote is “Live full; die empty,” and she fully intends to give her best in this life through generosity, outreach, and service to all of the communities that have given so much to her over the years.


THE LEGACY OF THE COMPLEAT REPORTER                                                                    .10 CEUs

LEGACY is the word of the hour. Be proud of the LEGACY you are creating. This interactive session will guide attendees through aseries of fun, quick exercises that will enhance their virtual learning experience during the session. Each attendee will leave this session with an action plan and a clear vision of how small actions on their part can create the biggest ripple effect in advocating for the court reporting profession.

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