Cyndi Tumlin, CCR, RPR President Alabama Court Reporters Association


Somewhere back almost two years ago, something really great happened.  But then COVID!  Are y’all as tired of hearing that as I am?  But following the initial shutdown, ACRA jumped in with both feet being a part of every seminar and session and townhall meeting that could be found trying to get insight on how we as stenographic court reporters could adapt, carry on, and continue working, whether freelance or official, in the face of this pandemic.  ACRA reached out to Legal with AOC and sought an order from the Supreme Court that would allow swearing of witnesses remotely. 

With persistence through a process of education to anyone who would listen as to why anyone would require the ability to remotely swear a witness during this crisis, you know what?

We were successful!! (Thunderous applause throughout the state!)  Alabama kept working.

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Our Mission

“The mission of the Alabama Court Reporters Association is to serve our members and the profession of court reporting by promoting ethical practices, advocating certification, and providing continuing education for verbatim stenographic reporters.”
2022 CCR EXAM Dates
Friday, April 8, 2022
Friday, October 7, 2022
(Registration Deadline: Monday, Prior to the exam date posted)

ACRA is proud to be an affiliated state association with NCRA and supports Ethics First.

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